Sunday, 21 April 2013

DBC Ramblers in April

The famous Five, together with dog set out on a quest to discover Kitty Tor.  After days of slogging up the side of a summit-less mountain, we reached the plateau and set off into uncharted territory.  Dog was particularly interested in finding Kitty Tor, which was maybe a disappointment to him.  But to the intrepid five, it was indeed a moment to be savoured with marmite sandwiches and a swig of soup.  The Dartmouth Baptist Ramblers had done it again!

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Snowdonia Oddessy

Lynn and I took advantage of having no daughter around for a week to travel through snow drifts a-plenty up to the delightful town of Beddgelert, just south of the Snowdon massif.  We stayed in a converted cow house, very cosy and supplying all our needs.  The plan was to climb the high mountains, but the unseasonal snow created unstable conditions on the high crags, so we went on some superb low level walks with stunning views of the surrounding mountains.