Monday, 27 December 2010

Christmas Time

We had a pleasant surprise on Christmas morning to receive a phone call from Dan (son)at 8am, who was walking with Sarah and their dogs on Hayling Island - no Christmas Day lie-in for them! Dan, Hannah and Sophia (aged one year, one week and one day on Christmas day) visited for the holiday. What fun to see them, but Lynn, Lyd and Julez all had the flu!

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Strange Day!

In the midst of this cold spell we are all enjoying with snow and sub-freezing temperatures, we awoke to an amazing sight a few days ago. Everything was bright white even though no snow had been forecast. As dawn brought some light, we realized that the earth was covered with a heavy hoar frost. Beautiful!

Saturday, 18 December 2010

All hands to the pumps!

Last week was exciting! Vaughan, a fellow yacht taxi skipper and general good egg aided me with his superior knowledge and upper body strength in swinging the engine of Lucy Morales, our yacht (currently under restoration) with the ancient cranking handle and bringing the cold lump of steel to life. Flushed with success, I let the engine run for 40 minutes or so to charge batteries, give it a good run etc. As I closed everything down to go home I noticed a tiny trickle of water, which I traced to the stern gland (the area where the propeller shaft goes through the hull of the yacht). "Only a trickle" I thought, merrily going home. A few days later I went down to do a bit more work only to find the bilges full of sea water! Forty minutes later all was dry again - but ... oh dear! I gave it one more night to sort itself out only to find the bilges half full again. Time to sort it out. After a bit of contortion and the locating of a greasing nipple, a couple of squirts of grease stopped the trickle (now visually located) in its stride. A stern-gland greaser will be the answer - another little job to do. On a more positive note, Lucy M's new wash boards look splendid!

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Christmas Concerts

Well Christmas has come and gone once again, or rather our Christmas Concerts. What was a sell out concert last Thursday became less well-attended due to a flurry of snow, rare for Dartmouth, that of course caused major upheaval to the transport system. The concerts contained usual pantomime with desperadoes, wee-willie-winkies and a trio of nuns to bring mirth to the assembled throng. More music this week, but with a jazz quartet.