Sunday, 22 August 2010

Busy week over

We have just got to the end of a busy week with our Holiday Club at church called 'Rocky's Plaice'. The club is set in a 'fish & chip shop' and we looked at the words: HOPE, BE FILLED, HAVE FAITH, LOVE and TELL. The words were linked to accounts of the life of Peter in the book of Acts and we considered the ascension of Jesus when the angels promised he would return; the account of the coming of the Holy Spirit; the healing of the lame man; the life of Dorcus and finally the account of Peter and Cornelius.
Also, it was the week the Guides practiced their rowing for Regatta and also river duties on most evenings.

Friday, 6 August 2010

Lynton with Lynn

Lynn and I escaped to the country. It was a bit of a 'stick a pin in the map' but Lynton was chosen. What a good choice it was. The campsite was small and cosy and we didn't use the car all week. Instead we walked for miles, up and down well marked paths. But the scenery! It is superb. A bit of rain did nothing to dampen our enthusiasm as we donned waterproofs and walked every path backwards and forwards and every other way!