Saturday, 27 October 2012

Cold October Moors

An icy spell of weather straight from the Arctic was chilling our bones in a fresh northerly wind as we stepped out of the car in Princetown, ready for our monthly hike on Dartmoor.  The 'we' were Chris, Adrian, Lee and Sparky the dog who followed the Devonport Leat to Nun's Cross.  This was a short walk, as I had to be back in |Dartmouth for a concert that evening, but the clear skies gave stunning views. 

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Abbots Way Walk

 Last Sunday saw the occasion of the 50th Abbots Way Walk. So what else to do than pack our day-sacks and head off for the start-line at Buckfast Abbey just in time to hear the dawn chorus.  The team consisted of Lynn (wife of 33 years and one day), who together with Chris Bishop and myself made up the intrepid 'Dartmouth Baptist Church Ramblers'.  At 8am we set off for the moors, climbing, ever climbing until we reached the green and pleasant land they call Dartmoor.  Ten hours later we staggered into Kelly College at Tavistock, proud to be the last-but-one team to finish the gruelling 24 miles.
Well done the team!