Monday, 22 November 2010

Variety of life

River work has once again almost finished for the winter season with just the occasional taxi shift. Meanwhile the Volunteer Band is keeping me very busy with concerts and things to organise, rehearse and perform with the ever growing band. Five of my music pupils will be taking instrumental exams next week and I now spend nearly a whole school day each week teaching. The yacht Lucy Morales (!) is keeping us busy with tidying her up, and the Gypsy build is currently at a standstill until I can afford some more epoxy resin. Finally, the church seems to fill the remainder of my time. At least there is no time to get bored!

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Sailing, yachts and things

Continuing the busy October theme, we used the last week in the month to help make Pinafore, Han, Dan and Sophia's yacht seaworthy and sail her down to Brighton, their new home. The voyage was a little lumpy, but gratefully swift. We thanks God for His gracious protection. My favorite memory of the sail was Sophia (aged 11 months) laughing at her mother trying to fill a bowl with the contents of her stomach!
Another notable event took place in October when a Lovely gentleman named Roger asked me to take possession of his yacht, as he was unable to sail her anymore. I look forward to tidying her up and taking some of the kids from the youth club out on the water. I may have to think about changing her name though (see picture).

Visit to Durham

What a busy October! Earlier in the month we departed from Canterbury (see below) to travel up country to Shropshire. What a lovely county! This was to deposit Lydia, our budding writer, at a creative writing course. From there the remainder of us completed a 12-hour drive to Durham. Here we had a lovely time with Mum, Hazel, Katy Tony , Joseph and Cloe. How the kids are growing! I was able to deliver a piano accordion, kindly donated by Ed, to my mother.