Friday, 28 May 2010

Fire in Dartmouth

A Miss Marplesque sensation was caused today with a major fire in Dartmouth. The smoke was quite spectacular as the photos show. Rumours abounded with the Cherub Inn, the Thai restaurant, then the Coop supermarket being cited as locations. The latest rumour is that it started at the Chip Shop. Anyway, Dartmouth was closed today!

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Family group!

It was fantastic to have Dan (son), Hannah and baby Sophia with us this week. A few family group pics for the archives.

Daniel's visit

I was great to see Daniel this week when he visited after cave exploring in the midlands. We managed to do a bit of climbing on the sea-cliffs, a kayak trip out to Western Blackstone and he also has a spell of Yacht Taxiing with me. Our balcony provided a good ledge to do some rope-work!

Hannah and Sophia

Some pics of Hannah and our grandaughter Sophia when they visited us this week.