Thursday, 31 March 2011

Lydia and Dad at UAE open day

Lydia and I made the horrendously long journey to Norwich to attend the University of East Anglia's Open Day. Below you can see Lyds in front of Norwich Castle, discovering this lovely city. The other photo is in the 'square' at the uni, the place where students 'hang out'. See the Dan Durdin look-alike in the photo, he was our student guide and was pleasingly mad.

Sunny March day on Lucy M

With Lucy Morales firmly fixed in her new mooring between two buoys, there only remains for us to fix the lazarette hatch, fit new chain plates, complete the antifouling and put the sails back on to have us sailing!

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Sunny March Sunday - Blackpool Sands

One of our local beaches was well patronised last Sunday when many took advantage of the sunny spell to enjoy a walk on the beach at Blackpool Sands. I didn't see anybody swimming though!

Alpha continues

After our successful Away Day at home, we continued this week with Alpha 7. Here you can see the group ready to discus the talk on 'How can I resist evil?' Lynn & Linda are in the kitchen finishing putting everything away.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Alpha Away Day

We have been running an Alpha Course at the church and today we had the away day, although we had it at church, so Lynn re-named it the not-away day. Anyway, we had sessions discovering the person of the Holy Spirit and considered how the Spirit of God has been around since creation, and today works in our lives to teach us about Jesus, and His amazing love for us. What a great God we have!

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Scrubbing Lucy's Bottom

Today the tides and weather coincided with free time to give an opportunity to lean Lucy M against the harbour wall to scrub off the bottom! All underwater surfaces were covered with a think mat of weed, mussels and lug worms, creating a six inch thick mess. Relieved of her weed and with the starboard side anti-fouled, she slipped through the water on her return to the mooring.